November 18, 2015

Hello everybody and welcome back to The Fire.Β 

Before I begin let me just take the time to tell you all that yesterday, November 17th, 2015, I was interviewed by a Mrs. Allison Krisch at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University for a volunteer position in which I explain scientific current events to people of all age groups who care to listen. I’m EXTREMELY excited about this opportunity and I cannot wait to be able to make this part of my life come January. I feel like things are finally coming together for me to make my passions come alive.

But…it was just an interview….an interview I believe I crushed btw πŸ™‚ (I guess blogger doesn’t allow emojis) 😦

Now…the program that I applied to, Science Now at Science Live, is an interactive section of the museum in which the volunteers (well trained-volunteers I might add) educate the public on scientific current events. Very important things that are happening today that effect us in some way, which are grounded in scientific areas of study. How fun!? Right? Yes, I know. VERY FUN!

Since this is a recent return for me to this blog I’ll take some time to explain where my interests lie and what you might expect from me. This is me you’re reading from. If you know me you know I understand and respect culture from a healthy distance (thanks to my major), what I really love is biology. More specific than that I love evolution. Evolutionary Biology. The evolution of the genus homo over the past 2.4 million years is something I revel in. On a daily basis. So why not revel in it in a place more appropriate like the Academy of Natural Sciences? At least there I can expand and build upon my reveling; walking down the street people just give me weird looks and tell me to get a job. Which I need. THAT’S NOT THE POINT!Β 

Science Now will give me a great platform to hone my teaching abilities and expand on the knowledge I’ve acquired all these years very practically and effectively. Answering questions and doing my own research in a public setting is exactly what I both want and need to grow professionally and personally. Not to mention it’s a FANTASTIC resume builder. (Sometimes those ‘get a job’ comments really get to me). I’m kidding. But all jokes aside, I’m very happy for this opportunity and I sure as hell hope I get chosen for it.Β 


About the Author Isaiah Dix

Hi. I'm a millennial blogger who loves living things large and small, people of all shades, and the world at large.

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