It can be accurately stated that most people are not as scientifically literate as they could be. This is accepted and tolerated in the public because not everyone is geared towards a scientific field of study or they do not want to make a career out of the things they learn through science. Then there are some who get to experience the fruits of their labor through the greater understanding that science brings. For myself this benefit comes from the deep understanding and synchronicity I have with my environment. Thanks to biology I am much more able to understand not only concepts relating to my own health, but the health of the entirety of life on the planet. 

It’s something more diverse and complicated than you could ever imagine, but it is what makes earth such a fascinating place. 

To be honest, biology is something that comes pretty easily to me. It’s fun to understand the mechanics of life and be able to see how fragile it actually is. It’s captivating to see how far we’ve come in medical science and it’s also exciting so speculate exactly what life might be like for an organism drastically different from yourself. The things I’ve found to be true are never short of amazing. Wonder is all around you if you can appreciate it.

The unfortunate side of science in the pursuit of it through formal education or academia is sticking to rigid learning programs that hold a lot of weight on grades and GPAs instead of tenacity and passion. I was not always a great student. If it wasn’t a disdain for the way grades and GPA can impact the quality your life it was probably the organization of learning material that made up the grades and GPA. However, as many people know, you don’t need to be a straight A student to be a stellar scientist. You just need a hard working and lasting effort to your cause that give you all the traits a great scientist should have. Albert Einstein was undoubtedly brilliant but even he graduated from college at the bottom of his class.

Overall science is a search for truth. Truth that we can all appreciate and use to serve us in life. The ability to grasp scientific truths is the greatest accomplishment of mankind to date. Without the studies of physics, math, biology, and chemistry we wouldn’t be as differently evolved from chimpanzees and other primates who aren’t as aware as we are of these sacred truths. Not to say that scientific studies are what made our species so much more advanced, but in the coming years and decades science will prove itself to be our greatest asset.


About the Author Isaiah Dix

Hi. I'm a millennial blogger who loves living things large and small, people of all shades, and the world at large.

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