Today on The Fire I’ll be talking about the importance of being your true self, not sacrificing your values in the face of fear, and how being your true authentic self will bring you peace and happiness. 

It’s no secret, especially today, that people pretend all the time to gain acceptance from others. It’s something that is very sad to see and very destructive to not only the person doing it but people influenced by their behavior. I say ‘especially today’ because we live in the internet age. I hope this doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone. The things we see on the internet often have a tremendous influence on the quality of our thoughts which in turn affects the quality of our lives. Cyberbullying can sadly be a part of the things some people experience in their daily lives online just to name one. Sometimes it’s harmless and sometimes it is not. Meanwhile in people in their 20s like myself may constantly compare themselves and their lifestyles with their peers through social media. Either way, the things people say and do to each other have the potential to affect in some way. 

We have the choice to ignore these outer voices that tell us who and what to be and we can choose to be our authentic selves no matter what the cost. This way there is no embarrassment, no blame, more authenticity in our lives, and significantly less *emotional poison. In Robert Greene’s The 50th Law, one of my favorite books of all time, he talks about a young Amelia Earhart who stayed to true to her inner self at all times no matter what. Well…maybe not at ALL times right? I’m sure there were times when this wasn’t the case. But for the most part this was true and she was a proud and innovative figure in American History. It was her willingness to be herself no matter what others think or said that brought her so far in life. It’s the reason she stands out so originally in history.

Embrace exactly who you are and where you are in your life. Understand who you want to be and what is important to you. Every single person on this tiny speck of a planet racing through this Milky Way is unique. Some things may not make sense to others, but that is totally fine. It makes sense to you. This is biology. We are one species but everyone is uniquely designed. Elon Musk was born to put people on Mars (although skeptics may heavily disagree with that), and you were born to be as much of your authentic self as possible. When you encounter people, whoever they may be, who disapprove of who you really are then it means they probably don’t belong in your life. So love yourself enough to exist in the world exactly as you please. 

As long as you don’t hurt anyone else 🙂

*I borrowed the term emotional poison from a book written by Don Miguel Ruiz called the Mastery of Love. A great book to read if you value calmness and inner peace. The link is below. 


About the Author Isaiah Dix

Hi. I'm a millennial blogger who loves living things large and small, people of all shades, and the world at large.

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