What is one thing that comes to mind when someone says the words “the infinite”? For example, someone might describe Voyager 1 as going “out into the infinite” as a description of how far the spacecraft has gone into deep space. Someone else might look up at the night sky and describe the stars as “stretching out into the infinite”. So just to be clear, a lot of the time when people mention the words “the infinite” together they are talking about space. Here’s why:

Space never ends.

Why doesn’t space ever end? This is because of a well understood phenomena that occurred some 13 billion years ago (ya) called the Big Bang. As many people know, the Big Bang was the starting point of our universe and it continues to effect the universe today. The universe is still rapidly expanding at an ever faster pace. So it would technically be impossible to reach the edge of the universe because it expands way too fast to ever get there. Hence the phrase we all know and marvel in “the infinite”. 

A real picture of earth from space. Also my background picture for this site.

Our Place In the Infinite Universe

In recent times people have had a growing urge to understand and embrace scientific principles areas of study. Figureheads such as Bill Nye, Neil Tyson, and Stephen Hawking have all emerged in the forefront of a worldwide social arena, based mainly on the internet, as the more famous leaders of scientific and human progress. Another big win for the internet :). Getting the masses of people involved in the scientific process and logic that accompanies different fields of study is immensely beneficial to our species as a whole. It’s also important to consider that science as a trend will eventually take us out into some part of the infinite. More than it already has. This is because there are plenty of excited, adventurous, daring, and innovative young minds being shaped by people with the word “astro” in their title in front of the field they study (astrophysicist) who truly believe in what’s to come for the future. They see the opportunity they each have in life to do something no one has ever done before and they feel infinitely inspired. These same minds will become the legends of a later time when considered crazy during the present. Sometimes, I even like to believe I’m one of these people.

How the Infinite Inspired Me

Truth be told inspiration is all around us. You can find it as long as you are willing to look. One of the strongest reasons I was inspired to pursue a scientific field after college is because of what sparked my curiosity in space exploration (i.e YouTube, Twitter accounts). I was inspired by the amazing things people were doing everyday to make the world a better place and the lengths people were willing to go to learn even more about not just our own world but things out of this world. Who DOESN’T get inspired by space stuff, right? What with the galaxies, nebulas, superclusters, super earths, exoplanets, giant stars, supernovas, ice worlds, and so many other things people have observed who would want to miss out on all that goodness? So it inspired me and this is why I have committed myself to what I do today, which is constant learning and advancement of myself through education.

Where the Infinite Ends (Conclusion)

Eventually, as most people would probably see by now, Mars will be another giant leap for mankind as people explore it up close and personal. The liquid water found on the red planet is more than enough of a reason to send people to Mars to do the work that only a person can, and not a robot. A human account of a Mars mission will eventually be one of the greatest feats humanity will ever have. EVER. But, again, as most people may know, that is just a small step in our exploration of an infinite universe because our possibilities are



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