Forgiveness: Learning To Let Go

Heal yourself; you’ve got to heal yourself!

I sat up early this morning thinking about some powerful advice I’ve been reading over and over in one of my favorite books Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz. In the chapter where he talks about healing the emotional wounds that people have one very important part of the process is forgiveness.

Ruiz describes healing the emotional wound like treating a real wound (the guy is a former surgeon). First, you open the wound by addressing the problem. Second, you disinfect the wound with the truth. Lastly, close the wound with forgiveness.

Forgiveness Gif

Forgiveness of yourself and others is something this world could certainly use more of. We need to forgive each other for things that have been done to us and ourselves for the mistakes we’ve made. This is because people are not perfect. Learn how to forgive people, to make the world a better place.

Have I made mistakes in my life and career? You bet! Have I pointed out flaws in others that I wouldn’t accept in myself and held it against them? Absolutely! Do I feel good about doing this? No. Because when I make mistakes, which I inevitably will, I want people to see the good parts of me that should be forgiven. I hope people will forgive and accept me in this inherently cruel human society we are forced face every day we are alive. My past isn’t perfect, it’s also not too bad, but that’s not where I live anymore. I live here in the present.

So before you go pointing fingers at people make sure your own hands are clean. Chances are they’re not as clean as you make them look.


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