I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons by Kevin Hart REVIEW

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been visiting Barnes & Noble every day reading Kevin Hart’s memoir I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons and I feel so inspired by his story and honesty. It’s a book I can’t put down and a story I love to hear. I laughed at the quirky mishaps he’s so delicately illustrated and I cringed at the painful memories he vividly recalls. That, along with the valuable life lessons he shared throughout the book, has filled a void in me that I’ve been longing to fill for a very long time. Let me explain why.

Kevin Hart is:

  • Relatable: I’m familiar with the neighborhood and city he’s from and some of the circumstances he endured growing up. It’s a story all too common.
  • Very Successful: As a fan by geographic association I have been following Kevin’s career for years. I bought a copy of his special Seriously Funny way back when (which I unfortunately lost) and loved hearing a familiar accent on the big screen. His success and stature serve as someone I can count on being an ideal mentor for me.
  • Honest: his honesty is so refreshing. I love reading about how he shoulders the blame for the various mistakes big and small.

It isn’t hard to see him as a mentor of sorts. A mentor I need in my life right now. For the price of around $27, I found that mentor and he is dropping the jewels as I hoped he would.

Some of the most important parts of the book, to me, were when he describes his career path and how he met his friends who became integral parts of his brand. I was also glued to the page when he described how he met his former wife Torrei and his current wife Eniko as I’m a chronically single black male with hidden reservoirs of, especially untapped talent and potential. I also loved how he dedicated this work to his Mom, Nancy Hart.

Thanks Mom

I love how much of a rock Kevin’s mother has been to him throughout his early life. It was nice to see how involved and disciplinary his mother has been to him throughout his life and how she helped him become who he is today. She beat his ass, she gave thoughtful and encouraging guidance, she made him work hard, and she loved him the way a mother should. May she rest well and her spirit continues to guide and strengthen her son.

During pivotal moments of Kevin’s life, his mother was there to enforce strict, but invaluable, rules that would shape him into who he is today. Ms. Hart had felt a sense of failure after letting the reigns too loose on her first son (Robert) Kenneth Hart. He would eventually fall into the wrong crowd and get involved with drug sales and was eventually emancipated from Ms. Hart at the age of 17. With the guilt, she might have felt in the direction his older brother was heading she made sure young Kevin was too busy to do anything else but work and was never left unsupervised. Though other aspects of his family dynamic were very turbulent his Mom kept him on the straight and narrow.

Life Lessons From Team Building

Kevin Hart’s team is obviously a very important reason why he is who he is today. He’s yet another reminder of why I need to find myself a “mastermind group” as Napoleon Hill terms it. He used to go clubbing in Philly with his friend Spank while he was still at CCP (Community College of Philadelphia) and there he met Torrei. He met Harry, also a comedian, while he was out in LA making a living as a journeyman comedian. He met Nate, his aggressive, no-nonsense road manager, through a shady source, but Nate eventually proved himself and turned out to be an asset. Although he caused Kevin a fair amount of headaches. He met Na’im early on his journey in Philly doing stand up; his former bodyguard Wayne was a mutual friend Spank new who used to give him discounted flights. It was great to see how Kevin met all these people and brought their talents together to make the foundation of what we now know as Hartbeat Productions and the infamous Plastic Cup Boyz.

I couldn’t help but reminisce about the times I’ve tried to form a team and haven’t really succeeded. Why has that been? Is it really because people don’t believe in me? Or don’t like me? Who knows?! I wish I had a team like Kevin Hart, that’d be swell. I once met a girl on OK Cupid who was very interested in helping me with this website and all its endeavors, but as time went on she became distant and phony. Maybe in this age of social media people are less willing to connect genuinely because everyone is so insecure from comparing themselves to each other, but I’d give anything for a team of trusted friends like Kevin Hart has.

Relationship Troubles and Blessings

When Kevin detailed how he met Torrei Hart I felt like maybe I too could someday be blessed enough to have a woman take a genuine interest in me the way she did him very early on. However, as the book progresses their relationship seems rockier than a stone tumbling into the Grand Canyon. They fought verbally and physically and, on occasion, Kevin was arrested for his domestic woes. It was…eye-opening. As much as I’ve been wanting a girlfriend who will accept me just the way I am I felt sorry for his crazy relationship trouble. He talks about the mistakes he’s made in his relationship and how it related to career. It was all very very interesting. Then eventually, he and Torrei got married despite their turbulent relationship after he had moved her out to LA with him, Torrei leaving her career behind. They would eventually divorce because Kevin would cheat on his then-wife while they were still together. His current wife, Eniko, came into the picture on a very respectful and tasteful note as the then 30-year-old comic was exiting his other relationship.

Talking about the value he found in forming his relationship with Eniko was awesome. He’d grown through the years and was ready and able to start something that can last (hopefully) forever. It made me feel like I could really use an Eniko right now. Don’t get me wrong people, I’m grateful for everything I have in my life right now, even the things that haven’t gone so well, but I’d really really like an Eniko-type girl. She has character, beauty, and a big ole Hart.

Thanks For Sharing, Kevin

As I’ve said already I’m so happy to have conjured up the courage to sit down at a Barnes & Noble and regularly read this book. It is well worth the price I didn’t pay yet. If you’re reading this Kevin Hart (which if you are, I’m not surprised to be honest lol) I want you to say thank you, although you might be inclined to thank me for taking the time to read your book. But it is I who should be thanking you for your contribution to humanity. This book will survive you and it will reinforce your mogul status in years to come as you continue to climb that never-ending ladder to your true potential. I can understand and relate to why you want to be the very best you can. Why you want to reach the pinnacle of human form. Since I can understand it, I can also pursue it to the same degree you do, OG. Again, cheers to you, Kevin Hart.

-Isaiah Dix


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