La Gringa Bar and Grill: Queens’ Finest Mexican Restaurant

Man, I’ll tell ya, I don’t know if I could have had better bachelor’s party dinner than the one we just had. My buddies and I made reservations in the La Gringa Queens Party Hall on Friday night and we had a blast! The food was perfect, the wait staff was flawless, and don’t even get me started on the drinks. We all had margaritas and the occasional Corona with lime haha. Burritos have always been my favorite Mexican food so obviously, I went with that, and I shared some of my homie’s taco platter. A good taco is a huge boost for any special occasion. Honestly, I starved myself for at least 16 hours before coming because I knew I had to make room.

The only thing was that it was a little far from my apartment in Midtown, but I’d still come back again for the prices and the atmosphere. Shout out to our waitresses for hooking us all up that night, man. They congratulated me and sang me a song and they were all just beautiful

Once we settled in and got our food we ALL ordered dessert. I tried churros for the first time and it made me a believer haha. Best Mexican food in Queens if you ask me. It’s definitely one of my favorite spots.

Thanks, La Gringa Bar and Grill for the fun times and good food!


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