A Burst of Inspiration

Planet Earth 2

I was watching Planet Earth II on Netflix and I suddenly felt a huge burst of inspiration for the following reasons:

  1. I haven’t watched Planet Earth or any nature documentary in ages so when I finally reconnected with it I could tell the distance made my heart grow fonder.
  2. The opening of the first episode was nothing less than perfect majesty.
  3. For the above reasons this new show touched my soul and redirected my life force energy to embrace that moment fully.
  4. Looking at my current life situation and considering my goals I saw a perfect pathway to my goals at that moment.

That basically sums up this morning’s “aha” moment and I haven’t felt so inspired in my life. Based on the above-listed reasons for said “aha moment” I knew this was a turning point in my life’s timeline, due to a combination the power of intention, gratitude, attraction, and instinct. It was at this moment I decided how my life will change and what I am to focus on from here on out.

A Calling

I felt called to continue on my journey of anthropology and scientific advancement. In college, anthropology grew to be a boring subject for me and my grades and GPA sometimes reflected a low level of desire to professionally pursue such a discipline. However, years after my college experience, and other equally important experiences, I am beginning to get a better sense of where my path is leading. My path has indeed been imperfect, but it continues, and I intend to follow my calling to the very end.

I believe a major part of my calling is to be in service to the world at large. Whether that means to help the environment, take action for animal welfare, advocate for African Americans who are disenfranchised by legal troubles, etc. My purpose is to serve a greater good and not be selfish with my gifts. Now that I’ve grown to realize some people I’ve known all my life won’t be traveling on this journey with me I can redirect my valuable energy towards passionately helping people who are more deserving of my talents.

Perhaps this sense of calling came from a higher consciousness within me to pursue. A primal feeling of direction and duty.

A Meaningful Life

As we live out our lives on this puny rock floating in the vacuum of a vast and daunting universe we aspire to give them meaning. We embolden the meaning of our lives by the actions we take and thoughts we have, and choices we make in conjunction with said actions and thoughts. Many of us believe that the meaning of our lives is tied to public perceptions or at least the perceptions of other people, and having a positive effect on the world at large. Which is all great. As imperfect human beings, we ought to make the best of our time spent here on Earth by giving our lives meaning and purpose. Every little bit of effort dedicated to the greater good is appreciated, after all. And as time passes we become happier and more content with the meaning we’ve given ourselves through work, struggle, and sacrifice. For me, protecting the environment, spreading positive energy, and being a better man for the next generations to follow is what gives my life a semblance of meaning. They form the foundation of the codes I live by. What makes your life meaningful? What are some of the daily rituals you engage in that give you purpose and pleasure?

In popular motivational media of today, many motivational figures advise people to follow whatever excites them, as it is connected to their higher purpose. Today I’m giving an example of an instance where I felt compelled in such a way with confirmation of what my greatest destiny entails.

In short, follow your dreams, kids.

-Isaiah Dix


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