The Importance of Never Giving Up

On the road to becoming our greatest versions in life, we all face challenges and setbacks. They’re all designed to make us better, stronger versions of ourselves in the long run. The key is to never give up on yourself, no matter how difficult the path may be, and I would like to point out one very important reason why in the following paragraph.

Our Challenges Prepare Us for Our Greatest Destiny

You can’t take over the world without being prepared first! You need obstacles in your path to make you better. One of the biggest obstacles I’ve ever faced was failing in university. I was a failing student and because I did not embody the daily rituals of an anthropologist or scientist. It was rough at first, but after defeat on several occasions I learned some profound life lessons:

  1. Stop blaming others for my lack of success.
  2. Work harder to achieve my goals.
  3. Sacrifice is key.

Those are just some of the lessons that apply when you don’t give up on your dreams. I could have chosen another route based on what was not working, but I decided to stick with it because, ultimately, being a scientist is what I wanted the most. It has since shaped me into a better person with better qualities. Someday I will be one of the greats because I refused to give up on myself, no matter how difficult it got.

Never Give Up and Hustle Harder!!!


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